An interesting topic of discussion in the solar energy world is what happens when we make too much solar? When we make it too cheap? What happens if electricity goes to a 1¢/kWh with the daytime duck curve? This pv magazine author thinks that entrepreneurs will easily figure out what to do with cheap electricity, and so does Minnesota.

The Solar Potential Analysis Report, prepared by Clean Power Research for the MN Solar Pathways Initiative, states that Minnesota could achieve 10 percent solar by 2025 at costs comparable to natural gas generation. Further, the report finds that expected cost decreases in solar, wind, and storage will enable Minnesota to achieve 70 percent solar and wind by 2050 at costs comparable to natural gas generation. Additionally, they also posit that overbuilding solar power and curtailing is so cheap – that it makes more sense than gas and seasonal energy storage.

Click here to read the article by John Weaver. Click here to see the report and findings.


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